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REMOTE LEARNING now possible. 

Our professional trainer is now offering remote virtual learning for you.  Using online ZOOM, you can connect with the trainer and learn how to improve your IT software skills.

With short bursts of learning, you can work with the trainer to develop your skills on the software you have to use.

LearningByteSize uses surveys, interviews, to conduct a tailored made training program for you to exercise at your own pace..

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  • Personalised training
  • Software Training
  • Presentations training
  • CRM Training
  • REACH related training
  • Customer Service training


Chemical companies in Europe need to be compliant with REACH. Training covers REACH, IUCLID5 and CHESAR.

LearningByteSize can provide training to sales reps, head office users and admin to ensure full use of the tools.


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LearningByteSize helps you make impressive,and effective presentations to your audience.